Wakefield City Academy

Wakefield City Academy

An Academy of Excellence
“An Outstanding School” Ofsted 2004/05, 2007/08 & 2012/13

City Diner


City Academy provides a breakfast, morning break and lunch time service to students and Academy staff.  The opening times are:-

 Breakfast                 8.00am – 8.40am

 Morning break          10.50am – 11.05am

 Lunch                      1.05pm – 1.40pm

Our kitchen staff open the main dining room at 7.15am so that any students who have to arrive early have a safe, warm place to wait until the academy opens.

The Academy makes healthy eating a priority ensuring that every student has access to a wide range of tasty and nutritious foods, from snacks and drinks to full meals.

Years 7 – 10 are required to stay on site over the lunch time period.

Year 11 are encouraged to stay.

Students can bring a packed lunch but we hope they take a meal in the diner!

We operate a cafeteria service using a cashless system, where money is added to the student’s account using a coin and note machine in the dining room. The money is safely recorded on the system therefore accounts can be loaded for any period from a day to a term at a time.

Free meals – your child eligible for free meals? Information and forms are available by contacting the Free Academy Meals Team on 01924 305061.

A free meal is worth £1.95 every day, which adds up to approximately £360 a year – well worth applying for! If a student is entitled to a free meal this is automatically added to their account each day and will be used first before any extra money that they may add themselves.

We always listen and react if possible to students’ comments.  We have recently reduced selling prices for popular items in response to student requests and have kept them at the same level despite rising food costs.

Each term there are special menu days e.g. Italian, Mexican etc.

Our fully trained catering staff take pride in providing a great service and you are always welcome to come along and see the service and buy a meal!