Wakefield City Academy

Wakefield City Academy

An Academy of Excellence
“An Outstanding School” Ofsted 2004/05, 2007/08 & 2012/13

Leadership and Management Structure of the Academy


Given the extensive support we provide to schools across the country through our work as:

  1. An Academy sponsor
  2. A Teaching School
  3. A Leading Edge Lead School
  4. A High Performing Specialist School
  5. A Consultant School for the Schools Network and the Inspirational Schools Partnership Programme

We have put in place the following Leadership and Management structure. This reflects our total commitment to achieve the highest possible standards for our students whilst continuing to support other schools with their improvement programmes.

The Headteacher is supported in the Leadership and Management of the Academy by three other members of the Strategic Leadership Team.

Other key teams play a vital role in ensuring our students achieve the highest possible standards in a positive and caring environment. These teams are:-

Extended Strategic Leadership, Academy Team Leaders, Intervention, Learning and Teaching, Pastoral Leaders, Year Groups, Child Wellbeing, Healthy Schools, Support, Technical, Administrative and Reprographics (STAR) group.


Elizabeth Ford, Headteacher