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Young Apprentice Success at Room 97

As part of the Hair and Beauty programme at Room 97 our year 10 young apprentices were asked to design a hairstyle that would be suitable for a bride.  They had to produce a mood board with lots of images and ideas they had about how they would create a special look. 

The students then had to produce the style using a head block and present both the style and mood board to a panel of judges.  They had to present their work and explain how they decided upon their particular style and what inspired them. 

I was asked to be on the panel of judges which consisted of Marcello Moccia, the owner and director of Room 97 along with staff member Bernice Hart who is an exam verifier.  The work produced was amazing considering these girls are in their first year on the programme.  We all agreed that it was an extremely difficult task to chose a winner. 

However, Katie's work stood out because of the intricate detail of the hair style along with the mood board being a true reflection of the style.  Her mood board was double sided with one side showing details applied to the back of the hair and the other showing details of the front of the hair. Marcello commented that he had never witnessed double sided mood boards and thought it was such a good innovative development.  He also said he would comment on this when attending one of his many presentations to the hairdressing industry.  He feels our young ladies have a lot of new and exciting ideas to offer to the hairdressing industry.  Well done girls, we are very proud of you.

Miss Jean Oram
Careers Coordinator