Wakefield City Academy

Wakefield City Academy

An Academy of Excellence
“An Outstanding School” Ofsted 2004/05, 2007/08 & 2012/13

Ofsted Reports


The full April 2013 Ofsted report is available to read here.

The full 2007 Ofsted report is available to read here.

The full 2005 Ofsted report is available to read here.

The 2011 Interim Assessment Statement is available to read here.


Extracts from our 2007 inspection report:

Overall effectiveness of the school Grade: 1

"Wakefield City High is an outstanding school. The school has high expectations and actively promotes a 'can do' culture that successfully motivates and inspires students and staff. Achievement is outstanding. Outstanding progress is maintained throughout Key Stage 4 and is evident in students' performance. The percentage of students gaining five or more GCSE grades at A* to C has risen continually over the past five years and standards are above local and national averages. Overall, the percentage of students gaining five or more grades at A to G is well above the national average. This represents outstanding achievement. Students with learning difficulties and/or disabilities make good progress.

Teaching and learning are outstanding overall. Teachers plan their lessons well and make clear to the students precisely what they are expected to learn. Questioning is used to very good effect and every effort is made to include all students in discussion and debate. Teachers display excellent subject knowledge, evident through high quality explanations that enhance students' understanding. A consistent feature throughout the school is the good behaviour management demonstrated by staff which, together with excellent pupil/teacher relationships, is the major reason why pupils are focused on their work and, consequently, make such good progress. Teachers expect students to do their best and are positive about their ability to do so. This expectation is transmitted to the students and increases their levels of self-esteem and confidence. The school has made very good progress in setting up systems to monitor students' progress and the information is used effectively to set students' targets for improvement. Students are aware of what they should aspire to and are proud of their achievements to date.

Students have benefited a great deal as a result of the school being awarded, specialist mathematics and computing status. This aspect of the school's work has not only raised students' standards in these two subjects, but has also been at the forefront in the development of successful teaching and learning strategies across departments. Two good examples of this are the use of new technologies, including interactive whiteboards and the introduction of 'family learning' evenings, to help parents better support their children in their learning. The curriculum is excellent and has been designed to meet the needs and raise aspirations of all learners. Students are taught a number of subjects through a themed-based approach in order to ease the transition from Year 6 and to equip students with good attitudes and appropriate skills and knowledge.

Students' personal development and well-being are good. Students enjoy school and feel safe. Bullying and racism are rare and students are confident that any such incident would be dealt with quickly and firmly. Standards of behaviour are good, particularly during lessons. This is mainly due to the teachers who adhere very well to the school code of conduct.

The quality of care, guidance and support provided to students is outstanding. Every pupil truly matters at this school and it is shown in the levels of support that they receive. Good intervention programmes are in place to support targeted groups and this helps them to make good progress. A child protection policy is in place, safeguarding procedures are rigorous and all staff receive regular training in respect of these. An impressive feature of the school is the work done in developing confidence and raising students' self-esteem. This work impacts positively on students' personal development and fosters the desire to achieve. Students report that they receive excellent academic and pastoral guidance.

The driving force behind this successful school is the headteacher. He provides inspirational leadership underpinned by a strong determination to give every pupil the opportunity to succeed, not just in school, but in life. However, the ethos that pervades the school is one where 'everyone matters', not just students, but all staff in any capacity. This evokes a strong sense of teamwork, ownership and loyalty and an overwhelming desire to wanting to do well for the common good. Management at all levels and particularly the senior management team work closely together and give excellent support to the headteacher. The governing body give good support and visit school on a regular basis. Leadership and management are therefore outstanding as is the capacity to improve."