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“An Outstanding School” Ofsted 2004/05, 2007/08 & 2012/13


The Music Department makes up one section of the Creative Arts Faculty at Wakefield City Academy. There are two teachers who deliver the curriculum for both Key Stage 3 and 4 in two teaching areas: Music 1 and Studio 2. The teaching spaces are each equipped with interactive whiteboards and sound equipment. In addition, Studio 2 has a wall of mirrors for drama and dance rehearsals.

Without creativity, life would never evolve or develop. Creative subjects are necessary for any individual to develop a sense of self awareness, confidence, personal development and self esteem. The pupils attending Wakefield City Academy are given the opportunity to develop all of these skills and more. But of course the arts have far more to offer than this. There is a host of transferable skills acquired by studying arts subjects which improve performance in other areas of the curriculum. Arts subject enable pupils to make a personal response to the world around them and explore possibilities of expression and interpretation.

It is very important to expose yourself to as much music variety as possible. It is very easy to become narrow minded about music but you may not realise how much you have heard already. Use live concerts or televised concerts to watch performers and see how they do it or what instruments they play. Test yourself by listening to different music stations on-line or on the radio. Local bands and groups play at various venues in Wakefield and some of them are even free!

You may also like to use the online revision services: SAM Learning and BBC Bitesize.


Key Stage 3

Base Line Assessments

Feel the beat – playing and reading rhythms

Writing music

Studying the Orchestra

Form and structures

African music

Year 8

Chords – playing triad chords and melody

Music from the Far East


Latin American Music

Music for Dane

 Year 9

The Blues

Music for Film/Media

20th Century Music

Hooks and Riafs

Individual project

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