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Wakefield City Academy

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“An Outstanding School” Ofsted 2004/05, 2007/08 & 2012/13


Our Personal and Social Development Programme (PSD) is taught in tutor groups for two 20 minute lessons each week.  The academy has invested in the TRICS suite of resources which has been adapted to facilitate the development of our students’ transferable skills, motivate and support them to achieve and aspire.  The programme is based around the four key competencies of Team Learner, Reflective Learner, Independent Learner and Creative Learner (TRICS) and provides a carefully structured course spanning years 7 to 11.  Within the programme, cross-curricular issues and themes such as Citizenship, emotional well-being, Health Education (including drugs education), Economic and Industrial Understanding, Environmental Education, British Values, Study Skills and Careers Education are covered.

In addition to the TRICS programme, approximately every six weeks, we suspend the timetable for a day to allow a series of workshops to be presented to each year group, covering a wide range of focused activities.

Year 7 will start the year by looking at risk and resilience and we have Yew Tree a drama company coming into the academy to work with the students. Students will also be looking at staying healthy with mental health as key aspect. Social norms, careers and money are all looked at within this year group. Students will also receive Heart Start training.

Year 8 An enterprise project will be undertaken incorporating financial aspects which need to be considered. Students also investigate personal and work safety, undertake a STEM project and look at aspects of healthy living and relationships.

Year 9 Students have several core themes they investigate inclusive of self-esteem and healthy living, sex education and relationships, finance and enterprise.

Year 10 students will be producing a brochure for parents as well as looking at healthy lifestyles, consequences and visiting local colleges later in the year to look at post 16 opportunities.

Year 11 have begun to make preparations for the round of interviews conducted by external adults from various businesses in preparation for their entry into further education or the world of work. They will also learn about cultural diversity and British values.

Health Education is supplemented through cross-curricular activities in a number of different subject areas, each of which encourages a positive approach to healthy living.  The majority of health education is, however, delivered via PSD.

The academy offers Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) as part of the Health Education programme within PSD.  The subject is taught by experienced staff and specialist guest speakers, who take great care to deal sensitively with matters involving human development and relationships.  Parents are notified in advance of course details, which have been approved by the Governing Body and, upon parental request, students may be withdrawn from certain lessons.  Our course is designed to supplement the normal guidance offered by responsible parents and we do, of course, welcome comments and suggestions from them.

Parents and Governors will be invited into the academy in January to discuss what SRE education will be taking place in school and have the opportunity for a question and answer session.